18C Gunstock Posts

Very rare, 18C gunstock posts salvaged from and early 18C cape from NH. #5 posts are in great condition, including original tenons (multiple on top of posts). # two gunstock posts had about 16” +/- cut from Bottom, so can be repaired.  #2 posts had ¼ of vertical post removed for plaster and lath long [...]

Bozrah, CT, 18th Century Colonial Hearth

Bozrah, CT center chimney colonial frame: (and fireplaces, stone steps, foundation, etc.) This is a special, late 18C. original colonial that has never been altered structurally.  Unfortunately, the house was gutted a few years ago, but the frame and fireplaces are wonderful.  Only a few repairs will be needed.  It is coming down this March/April.  [...]

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