Wide Plank Antique White Pine Sub-flooring (AKA Pumpkin Pine)

560sf of wide white pine subflooring from NH (340sf of this batch is super wide, 16" to 20").  This batch has not been power washed because of weather.  Too cold for it to dry properly.  Sanding and trimming should take care of any dust and dirt.  Widths range from approximately 8" to 20” and lengths [...]

Hand Planed, Painted Grayish-White, Antique White Pine Wall Boards

80sf of a lightly painted grayish-white, hand planed white pine.  Will make a fantastic wall covering.  Most boards are 10’6” long except for two with damage.  Widths of 6.5” to 13.5” and lengths of 10’6” except for a 6’ length and a 7’6” length.  Would cover an area that measures about 7’4” wide x 10’6” [...]

Wide Plank, Sawn/Foot Worn, Antique Attic White Pine Flooring

530sf of super wide antique white pine from an early Bath, ME attic.  I’ve added 75sf of similar material from another attic. Most boards are sawn and lightly foot worn so this batch can be used ‘as is’ by putting the rougher boards against the walls where they won’t see much foot traffic. Widths range [...]

Blue Interior Door #2

Fantastic 18C., rare 3-panel, right-hand door with the works…a wonderful period blue-gray color and great original hardware. A very handsome door. Wood is all hand planed and about 80% hand scraped with a razor blade to reveal the original color.  It has: an original hand forged, through the cusp, spade latch and thumb piece with [...]

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