Original Hand-Planed Dark Patina Surfaced, Antique White Pine (SALE!!!)

400sf of a hand-planed, dark patina, wide plank, white pine, dark white pine from PA.  This batch seems to be darker than most white pine coming from PA and shouldn’t be mixed with other batches because of color difference.  Hand-planed, so no sanding required.  Widths of 8”-12” +/- and lengths of 10’-14’ +/- and approximately [...]

Original, 18C., NH Attic, White Pine Flooring for the Purist

600sf of fabulous white pine attic flooring from NH.  Great foot worn, straight sawn surface with some boards worn more than others, which typical attic floors of this age.  Most of these boards were ‘pegged’ with rectangular 3.5” wooden pegs, hand carved. First picture shows the sub-flooring with two pegs sticking out where the top [...]

Circular Sawn Antique White Pine Hay Loft Flooring

1600sf+ of circular sawn hay loft flooring.  This flooring is rather clean and has been nicely burnished from the bales of hay being moved around on it over the years.  Widths of approximately 6”-14”+/- and length of approximately 8’-12’ plus about 30% short from 2’ to 5’.  The floor is quite clean and with a [...]

18C Gunstock Posts

Very rare, 18C gunstock posts salvaged from and early 18C cape from NH. #5 posts are in great condition, including original tenons (multiple on top of posts). # two gunstock posts had about 16” +/- cut from Bottom, so can be repaired.  #2 posts had ¼ of vertical post removed for plaster and lath long [...]

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