Reclaimed, Dark, Wide Plank Antique White Pine Flooring

250sf of wide plank, dark white pine from PA.  This batch seems to be darker than most white pine coming from PA and shouldn’t be mixed with other batches because of color difference.  Widths of 8”-12” +/- and lengths of 10’-12’ +/- and approximately 7/8” thick.  No shorts.  Flooring has been washed and is ready [...]

Wide Plank Antique White Pine Sub-flooring (AKA Pumpkin Pine)

230sf of wide plank white pine sub-flooring from NH.  This batch is the same material as batch #324, it’s just the material that was less than 16” wide.  It could be mixed with batch #324 for a batch of similar material that makes a batch of 590sf.  This batch has not been power washed because [...]

Super Wide Plank Antique White Pine Sub-flooring (AKA Pumpkin Pine)

360sf of super wide white pine subflooring from same house as batch #323.  (This batch could be combined with batch #323 (same trees) for 860sf, but it has a cleaner surface with respect to staining and foot wear.  Once sanded it should blend nicely.)  Pictures of sanded and waxed boards from each batch on website.  [...]

Super Wide Plank Antique White Pine (AKA Pumpkin Pine)

500sf of super wide, eastern white pine (aka pumpkin pine) from New England.  Because of the weather, I was unable to get good pictures of this batch.  This batch consists of very wide, unpainted (except for a few short areas of some boards), straight sawn material suitable for a light sanding or screening and oiling [...]

Reclaimed Wide Plank Antique Red Pine (AKA Northern Hard Pine)

870sf of beautiful, wide Northern Hard Pine (aka Red Pine) from New England.  This material was over nailed with another floor, so it has some extra nail holes in it, but they just add to the character on the top side.  This material could also be flipped (using the bottom side as the top) for [...]

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