PA Mill: coming this year

This is a huge mill in PA.  No chemicals, no oil, no animal waste.  The perfect situation.  Not only is it a once in a career find, but the sheer volume of great material is also endless.  Primary species are Chestnut and White Pine, and then miscellaneous hard and soft woods.  Also, a stone foundation [...]

18C Gunstock Posts

Very rare, 18C gunstock posts salvaged from and early 18C cape from NH. #5 posts are in great condition, including original tenons (multiple on top of posts). # two gunstock posts had about 16” +/- cut from Bottom, so can be repaired.  #2 posts had ¼ of vertical post removed for plaster and lath long [...]

Granite Walkway Stones

Granite Walkway Steps:  #4 beautiful, wire cut, sidewalk stones, plus #2 matching steps.  Each walkway stone measures 24” wide x 53” long x 4”+/- for a walkway of approximately 18’ long x 2’ wide.  The #2 steps are 48” and 46” wide (one needs to be trimmed) x 14” deep x 7” thick.  Would make [...]

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