Van Wyck pantry

This early pantry cupboard, c. 1735, was salvaged from the Van Wyck House dining room in Lloyd Harbor, NY.  It has two doors above and two below and they have their original H-hinges.  It was integrated with a door and mantle and had to be cut away from them, so a few minor repairs to [...]

Van Wyck mantle

This early over-mantle, c.1735, was salvaged from the Van Wyck House parlor in Lloyd Harbor, NY.  It measures approximately 8’ wide by 92” tall.  It was difficult to extract but didn’t suffer any major damage.  A few minor repairs may be needed.  The crown molding didn’t survive but can be custom made from a sample [...]

hay rake

This wooden hay rake was found long ago when I was taking down barns.  It measures 66” wide x 69” long.  It would make a great ornament to hang in a cathedral ceiling. Cost: $100, was $250

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