Wide Plank, Antique, Original Surface Chestnut flooring

165sf of original surface, proud 1” thick, antique chestnut flooring with a reddish-brown wash. This floor can be put back like a puzzle with boards in original positions. Widths of 9” to 15” thick and most lengths of 14.5’ long. As with all my floors, boards will need to be edged and trimmed before installation. [...]

Small Batch, Wide Plank, Antique, Original Surface Red Pine Flooring

56sf of 18C, original surface, wide Red Pine, ship-lapped and hand planed.  Great quality boards and surface.  An area of brown paint and a black stain.  Widths of 14” to 15”+ and lengths of 7’ to 9’.  Great for a small area or patching a period floor.  As with all my floors, boards will need [...]

Wide Plank, Antique, Painted and Sand Grade Red Pine

1000sf+ of painted, 'sand grade' antique red pine from different rooms and sources.  This is ‘sand grade’ material to bring out the beautiful red pine grain and colors and remove the paint or finish. Some material partially painted. It is a very hard, dense floor and sands smoothly.  It should make a beautiful floor.  Widths [...]

Wide Plank, Antique, Original Surface Oak Flooring

260sf of early 19C., wide plank, circular sawn oak. Many are just under 12’ long and about 15% shorts (26”).  Widths approximately 6” to 16” and lengths from 9’6” to 11’9” plus the shorts.  About 210sf are 9’6” and 11’9”. Nominally 7/8” to 1” thick. Perfect for buffing to smooth high points of saw marks [...]

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