Added November 22, 2021.

600sf of wide plank, 6/4 thick antique white pine loft boards from an 18th century Dutch barn in NY state.  Widths range from 13” to 18” +/- with majority of boards in the 18” range.  Lengths range from 3’ to 15’ +/- average about 10’.  Most of the planks are a full 1.5” thick.  The topside is a bit rough, and my suggestion would be to use the rather pristine underside as the top surface.  Most boards that have a slight ‘cup’ in them crown on the underside surface, so flipping them makes sense.  Material would look great sanded and a layer of wax to bring out the rich pumpkin pine colors of the old growth wood.  They have been sprayed with boric acid and dried.

Cost (batch #299):  SOLD

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