Added June 17, 2023.

210sf of wormy, foot worn antique, CT chestnut. It is a nice, thick floor- approximately 7/8” +/-. The best use of this floor would be to use the underside as the top and give it a light sanding. The first 6 pictures show the underside of the flooring and the last 9 pictures show the original top side of same flooring.  There are no ‘ghosts’ from floor joists on the bottom. This would also eliminate the small portion of paint on the floor’s top surface and most likely increase the usable amount of flooring.  This floor has not been washed.  If using bottom side up, only brushing of the surface would be needed.  The floor measures 7” to 14” +/- wide and 6’ to 15’ long +/-.  I would treat this floor with boric acid in a warm water solution, just as a preventative for powder post beetles.  I think all the holes are old, but just in case.  I can provide the formula for you and the boric acid.  As with all my floors, this flooring will need to have the edges and ends trimmed during installation.


Cost: (batch #408) 210sf @ $25sf, whole batch only, $5,250.


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