Added April 4, 2023.

300sf of beautiful, foot worn, 18C. antique White Oak from PA.  Another spectacular attic oak floor.  It is thick at a proud 1” and the quartersawn boards are visible through the dirty surface.  This batch could be added to batch #403 for a total of 1165sf of similar material.  While most of this batch is smooth enough to use ‘as is’, a portion of the batch may need to be sanded depending on your preference.   It needs to be washed and as with all my material it will need to have edges and ends trimmed during installation.  My tallies are based on what is usable after trimming.  Boards are tapered and that taper should be preserved when trimming.  Some material may be ‘no charge’ and will have an ‘X’ on face in chalk.  Once washed, it will have a fabulous surface.  Widths of approximately 7”-12” +/- and lengths of approximately 6’-10’6” (mostly 10’6” long) plus a few shorts.


Cost:  (Batch #404) 300sf @ $25sf, whole batch only, $7,500.

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