Added July 16, 2023.

560sf of wide white pine subflooring from NH (340sf of this batch is super wide, 16″ to 20″).  This batch has not been power washed because of weather.  Too cold for it to dry properly.  Sanding and trimming should take care of any dust and dirt.  Widths range from approximately 8″ to 20” and lengths range from 3’ to 14’ and thickness is about 7/8″.  1/3 of the 340sf of super wide material is 9′-14′ long, most lengths are 8’ or less. Pictures left to right:  picture #1, wide subflooring, narrow top floor and wide subfloor sanded and waxed;  pictures #6 & #7, side by side wide top floor and wide subfloor sanded and waxed;  picture #8, wide top floor and wide subfloor before sanding and waxing;  picture #9, wide subfloor sanded and waxed.  Color an tone differences after wood has been sanded and waxed depend on how aggressively the flooring is sanded and how much heart wood (pumpkin colors) and how much sap wood (lighter tones and yellows) is showing.  As with all my original surface floors, edges and end will need trimming during installation.


Cost:  (batch #413) SOLD

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