Added October 17, 2022.

500sf of super wide, eastern white pine (aka pumpkin pine) from New England.  Because of the weather, I was unable to get good pictures of this batch.  This batch consists of very wide, unpainted (except for a few short areas of some boards), straight sawn material suitable for a light sanding or screening and oiling or waxing.  The flooring is of high quality.  The flooring is unwashed because it was not suitably dry at these temperatures, but the light amount of dust and dirt will sand off when finishing the floor.  As with all my floors, edges and ends will need to be trimmed at the time of installation.  Widths range from 12” to 20”.   435sf of this batch measures 15” to 20” wide.  Lengths range from 6’ to 18’ +/- with the exception of three very wide 4’ to 5’ers.  The planks are approximately 1” thick.  Pictures left to right: #1, sanded and waxed top floor and subfloor on right; #2 & #3, sanded and waxed top floor on left and subfloor on right; #5, sanded and waxed top floor.


Cost:  (batch #323) SOLD

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