Added October 13, 2022.

870sf of beautiful, wide Northern Hard Pine (aka Red Pine) from New England.  This material was over nailed with another floor, so it has some extra nail holes in it, but they just add to the character on the top side.  This material could also be flipped (using the bottom side as the top) for a very clean and crisp look because it had a solid sub-floor, which eliminates what we call ‘ghosts’ from the flooring sitting directly on a beam.  I sanded and waxed a section of both the top and bottom to show you what to expect once sanded and finished.  Most has a thin layer of paint and an incredible patina just below.  The heavier the sanding, the lighter the color.  I recommend a light sanding to the top side and a paste wax finish as shown in pictures.  Red Pine is a very tight grained wood and very dense (hard and heavy).  Perfect for high traffic areas.  Widths range from 7” to 14” +/- and lengths of 4’ to 19’ +/- and a full 1” thick.


Cost:  (batch #322) SOLD

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