Added March 28, 2024.

This is a huge mill in PA.  No chemicals, no oil, no animal waste.  The perfect situation.  Not only is it a once in a career find, but the sheer volume of great material is also endless.  Primary species are Chestnut and White Pine, and then miscellaneous hard and soft woods.  Also, a stone foundation from original 18C mill.  Unique Dutch doors and split doors.  Early 1900’s machinery in Museum quality condition. 12”x12”x45’ hewn, red pine, matching beams with posts-great room? 7”x7” hewn, smooth from wear, posts with incredible character. The flooring will be uncovered, and the list goes on.

Chestnut:  circular saw and incredible condition and patina, all natural.

  1. ~5,000 bf 6”x 8” to 8”x 12”, 4-sides-clear (joists on-top).
  2. ~4,000 bf 3”x 8” joists, 4-sides-clear (nails on top side).
  3. ~2,500 bf 3”x and 2”x 5” to 8” material and shorter 6”x 6” to 8”x 8”, excellent condition.
  4. ~3,000 bf 2”x 6” x 24’ and 2”x 4” and short, bigger dimension materials.
  5. ~1,000 bf 1”x 12” and some down to 6”, up to 15’ long. Best surface I’ve ever seen.

White Pine:  circular sawn and incredible condition and patina, all natural.

  1. ~8,250 bf 3”x 10” joists, nails one side
  2. ~2,500 bf smaller dimensions

Mixed species:  posts, beams, etc. up to 45’ long pairs to single 7’ worn post with beaded edges.

Flooring:  TBD

Cost: Prices TBD.


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