Added April 4, 2023.

136sf of hand planed Red Pine (may be a few white pine) wall boards from PA.  These boards are very nice quality with prominent hand planing.  Most are unpainted with a wonderful patina with the exception of two with beautiful, original blue paint and one that looks like the paint was stripped.  This material would look great if left ‘as is’ or painted.  If someone is enamored with the two blue boards (I wish they were all that color), I would part them out for an up-charge.  Widths of approximately 7”-17” +/- (most in the 9”-14” range), and lengths of approximately 5’9”-6’10” +/-, excluding notches.  As with all of my material, boards will need to have edges and ends trimmed during installation.  This waste is accounted for in my tallies.  Boards are tapered and that taper should be preserved when trimming.  Some material may be ‘no charge’ and will have an ‘X’ on face in chalk.

Cost: (batch #73)  136sf @ $25sf, whole batch only, $3,400.

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