Added July 3, 2023.

Table is made from black walnut and dates to between 1690 to 1720.  It was purchased in 1919 by a private party from the dining room in a 17Th century, colonial museum, Danbury, CT.  Picture of document shows the table in the Danbury Colonial Museum.  Open it is an oval and closed it is a rectangle.  Open it measures 63” wide x 50&1/2” in diameter x 28&4/4” tall.  The top is 7/8” thick.  Closed it measures 19&1/4” wide x 50&1/2” long.  Other than the very bottom of 4 of the legs (which have dry rot and could be replaced), the table is in good condition.  Needs to be cleaned.

Cost: $1,250.

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