Added March 5, 2024.

The Frame:  the footprint is 28’x37’, the main frame is hewn oak ~7”x7”, the joist are band sawn oak ~2.25”x7.25”, the roof system is made of #14 sets of 18’, hewn, tapered chestnut with spectacular patina and wide (up to 16” +) oak sheathing with great patina (it will be numbered). The roof has a purlin support system with 6”x6” hewn chestnut at 5’2” tall and band sawn, oak wind braces that are 66” long.  Middle attic bay is 9’8” wide x 37’ long.  The floor to peak in attic is 10’6”. The house ‘bays’ are symmetric and approximately 14’ on either side and 10’ for center fire stack.

The Original front steps and ‘CT’ stone:  the two step front entry stones are perfect…no recent damage. The best I’ve had.  Measurements on pictures.  Pictures tell the story!  The ‘CT’ stone should go with house.

Cost: CALL-complete package, frame-only and roofers, fire places individually, foundation stone-only, steps-only TBA


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