Added March 5, 2024.

Bozrah, CT center chimney colonial frame: (and fireplaces, stone steps, foundation, etc.) This is a special, late 18C. original colonial that has never been altered structurally.  Unfortunately, the house was gutted a few years ago, but the frame and fireplaces are wonderful.  Only a few repairs will be needed.  It is coming down this March/April.  It can be sold as a whole ‘package’ or in parts; frame, #5 fire ‘boxes’, laid-up granite foundation (~2’ tall), the best front steps I’ve ever seen and the ‘CT stone’ that has been in front of this house since it was built.

The fireplaces:  The center stack has five ‘fire boxes’.  The Hearth is beautiful laid up granite with a 3-piece hearth, and large granite for lintel, beehive oven entry and storage area.  The best I’ve seen with no damage.  Measurements on pictures.  It even has the original forged iron beehive oven door and resident, stuffed iguana.  The other four are Rumford’s, and two are fantastic while the other two have great hearths and lintels but laid up brick vs. solid granite or laid up granite, which the other two have.  See pictures and measurements. Other fire boxes on different page.

Cost: CALL for prices on complete package OR parts

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