Added January 1, 2019.

500sf of 18th century, wide plank chestnut wall boards. When trimmed and patched this batch will make a 70′ long wall that is 7’+ tall. Planks measure from about 10″ to 23″ wide (most 16″+) and 5/4″ thick. Great, relatively flat material that is rough sawn and has plaster and lath “ghosts.” Could be used “as is” with a good washing.  A few boards need some holes patched and a few cracks glued or edges straight-lined. It could also be hand-planed and beaded for a fabulous finished wall.  This material is now available by-the-board for table tops, counter tops or any woodworking project.

Cost: 500sf, whole batch, $18,500 or partials, by-the-board, @ $50sf.

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