Added March 29, 2024.

420sf of 2” thick (840 bf) antique pine barn flooring. Split into two offerings. Great surface from farm use.  Most is 6’-7’ long and about 30% is 11’ long +/-.  A few 6’ers have solid, light green paint.  Great for a loft. Widths of 9”-12”=/- and length of 6’ to 11’+/-.  Long ones and some short ones have a great, worn surface.  Some shorts may have been wall dividers.

There is 120sf (240bf) of long planks with great worn surface.  They are $20 bf.

There is 300sf (600bf) of short planks with varying surfaces.  They are $10 bf.


Cost: (batch #421-long) 240bf of long @ $20bf, whole batch only, $4,800.

(batch #421-short) 600bf of shorts @ $10bf, whole batch only, $6,000.




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