Added March 6, 2023.

This 18C. door is hand planed and board and baton style.  It has great original hardware featuring a very large hand-wrought thumb latch, strap hinges and original pintles, and a supported keeper.  The door is in good condition with typical wear for it’s age.  Great looking, complete 18C. door.  One picture shows some damage in upper left corner, but it doesn’t affect doors functionality and can be repaired.  Door measures 36” wide x 6’3” tall and 1&3/4” thick.  Thumb latch is 15” tall x 3&1/4” wide and attached with hand wrought nails.  Handle is 2” proud of door.  The strap hinges are 31” long and come with original pintles.

Cost: (Door #1)  SOLD

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