Added April 4, 2023.

85sf of super smooth, antique Oak from PA.  This material is of the best quality.  It would be perfect flooring for a small bathroom, bar area, wine cellar or for furniture such as large tabletops.  It has great color and is very smooth.  It should just be washed, trimmed and used ‘as is’.  Do not sand.  If you want to oil it, install it and leave it dry (natural), without a finish for a few months to see how you like it.  If you want to oil it after that, great, but you cannot remove the oil once it is done.  Use a sample piece first.  Boards are tapered and that taper should be preserved when trimming.  Some material may be ‘no charge’ and will have an ‘X’ on face in chalk.    Widths of approximately 8”-13” +/- and lengths of 4’-10’+/-.  Thickness is a proud 1” +/-.  Would make two table tops of approximately 36” wide x 9’+/- long x 1” thick.


Cost: (Batch #400) SOLD

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