Added December 2, 2022.

230sf of wide plank white pine sub-flooring from NH.  This batch has not been power washed because of weather.  Too cold for it to dry properly.  Power washing will take care of the dirt.  Widths range from 9” to 14” +/- and lengths of 4’ to 13’ +/-.  As with all my reclaimed original floors, edges and ends will need to be trimmed during installation.  While I did sand and oil the ends of a few boards, I would recommend that this batch only be power washed and used ‘as is’ (or a very light sanding just to remove a bit of the rough surface) as a wall or ceiling application, or for a rough floor such as in a barn or workshop.  Much of this material was trimmed from ‘live edge’ planks so it has old bug ‘tracks’ on the sides of the boards where there was sap wood.  If a tree was cut and left to dry a while, powder post beetles would often tunnel into the sap wood of the log before it was cut into flooring.  If these boards were aggressively sanded, the edges may have old bug tracks showing on the surface.


Cost: (batch #325) SOLD (see batch #413)


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