Added March 6, 2023.

220sf of 5/4 yellow or white pine that has a thin, tight coat of green paint or wash.  It doesn’t feel dense enough to be yellow pine and has characteristics of white pine.  That’s why I’m unsure of the species.  Many planks are clear (free of knots) and very few, if any, nail holes in surface.  It will make a beautiful floor.  Widths range from 7”-12” and lengths of 8’-11’3”.  Flooring was ship-lapped and is 18th C.  A few pictures are the flooring ‘in place’ with some plaster on surface from demolition and a picture of the underside showing grain and no knots in most planks.


Cost:  (batch #331)  220sf @ $20sf, whole batch only, $4,400.

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