Added March 6, 2023.

750sf of hand planed, wide white pine flooring which I numbered for reinstallation.  Like a giant puzzle, the numbers will put the boards back together again.  The flooring widths are 8”-16” and lengths from 3’-12’ +/-.  The total square footage is actually 870sf, but I reduced the number to 750sf to account for repairs on damaged boards or to trim them out, some very thin planks that can be used if shimmed, and some usable boards that I didn’t like the way the nails were removed.  As with all my original surface antique floors, they will need to have edges and ends trimmed during installation.  Two pictures show a washed short board so you can see what to expect.  The floor is unwashed because the temperature is too cold for the boards to dry correctly.  They should be hand washed with a sponge or cloth and warm water.  I have many pictures of the floor with chalk numbers which I’ll give to the purchaser to help with installation.  Most of the pictures show the floor ‘in place’ or during the salvage job.  It is a beautiful, original surface, 19C. floor!


Cost:  (batch #329) :  SOLD

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