Added November 12, 2020.

720sf of fantastic antique oak flooring with original, smooth surface.  This is the best oak floor I have salvaged in 30 years!  The material has been numbered and carefully removed from an early 1800’s Bozrah, CT house.  With a numbered floor, the boards can be put down in the same pattern they were originally laid and will look like they did for the past 200+ years.

There are 5 rooms that make up this ‘batch’.  Room A: 67sf, 9’ wide x 7’6” long.  Room B: 165sf, 12’ wide x 13’10” long.  Room C: 230sf, 13’ wide x 18’ long.  Room D: 100sf, 13’6” wide x 7’10” long.  Room E:  158sf, 11’6” wide x 13’10” long.

The flooring has been carefully washed and air dried and is ready for installation.  The widths vary from approximately 8” to 18” wide (averaging about 12” wide) and from 7’6” to 14’ long plus a few shorts and a few longer.  Some ends and edges may need to be trimmed during installation.  All of the flooring from the different rooms on the second floor are smooth enough to use ‘as is’ as a ‘dry’ period floor.  No need for sanding or finishing.

Cost (batch #293): 720sf @ $22.50sf, whole batch only, $16,200

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