Added June 21, 2019.

The components of a small pantry including shelving and a great door from a Woodstock, CT house.  All hand planed with and original bluish-green paint.  Some of the support pieces missing, so some extra material with the same color paint is included.  The 3 ‘L’ shelve units measure approximately 52” long (17” wide) x 70” long (13”+ wide), and the 5 straight shelves are  approximately 68”+ long and 13.5” wide.  Because of it’s age, the sizes of each shelf varies slightly.  The door measures 24” wide x 46” tall and the flanking boards are 8” wide x 47.5” long.  The 5 short shelves are 17” deep x 34.5” long +/-.  The shutter door unit is 22” wide x 53” tall.

Cost:  whole package only, $ 1,250.


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