Added January 28, 2019.

190sf of straight sawn, wide plank antique oak flooring salvaged from a small 18th century Cape in Eastford, CT.  The pictures only show part of the batch.  Missing from the pictures are four- 18’ planks and two- 11’ planks of high quality. The original surface has saw marks and for most applications it should be buffed or screened to smooth the surface.  Flooring should be washed.  This batch could be combined with batches #265 and/or #235 for a larger batch (up to 1240sf) of similar antique oak flooring.  Take a look at batches 264 & 265 to see what the oak looks like when sanded and oiled.

Cost (batch #268):  190sf @ $16sf, whole batch only, $3,040.

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