Added February 13, 2018.

370sf  of foot worn, original surface antique chestnut flooring from an 18th century Connecticut house.  Original wide plank chestnut floors are very hard to find.  Widths of 10” to 16” +/-  with a thickness of about 1” +/-.   Lengths of 12’ and shorter.  Boards have been hand washed and most are nice and flat.  Floor is ready to install with some trimming and some repairs required.  This floor could be combined with flooring batch #240 for a total of 795sf of similar material.  This floor is slightly thicker than batch #240, so if combined, some shims will have to be used to make a smooth transition from one floor to the other.

Cost (batch #241):  370sf @ $30sf, whole batch only, $11,100

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