Added February 13, 2018.

425sf of early (circa 1740) antique chestnut attic flooring from a Connecticut house.  The flooring is foot worn and numbered (a numbered floor can be put back into it’s original configuration).   Removed from the Samual Terry House in Bristol, Connecticut many years ago. Original surface chestnut has been very difficult to find over the past 10 years, so I’m pleased to have this in my inventory.  Widths range from 7” to 16” +/- and the thickness is about ¾”.  Lengths are 12’ and shorter.  Boards have been hand washed and most are nice and flat.  Floor is ready to install with some trimming and some repairs.  This batch could be combined with Batch #241 making almost 800sf of chestnut flooring.

Cost (batch #240): 425sf @ $30sf, whole batch only, $12,750

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