Added May 4, 2020.

Three chestnut boards that measure 1.5” thick wide and just over 7’4″ in length.  They will make a tabletop that is 39.5” wide x 7’4″ long.  It is made from a wide center board that is 22.5″ wide and two flanking boards that each measure 8.5″ wide.  Bread board ends could be added to lengthen the tabletop to 7’ 10”.   The boards are solid.  The image showing the wood under the surface is from another board, but these will look similar.  Because these were wall boards dividing a room, they have plaster and lathe ‘ghosts’ that penetrate the surface and will show up on the finished boards as lighter and darker zebra striping, especially when oiled.  You can order many different styles of custom bases from for about $500

Cost:  Boards ‘as is’,  $450, was $750 for the set.

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