Salvaged Antique Stone

We carry a diverse inventory of antique stone for foundations, walkways, patios and gardens. Inventory includes granite steps, doorway and barn thresholds, lintels and steps; stone fence posts, capitals, well stones and lye stones; carved stone sinks and mill stones and mill stone drums. Click on the thumbnail image or heading to view more details. Subscribe to our mailing list for periodic e-mail updates on this and other inventory.

Please contact us with questions (860-655-5259) or if you are interested in purchasing any of the architectural antiques shown below.

For Sale: Salvaged Antique Stone
Updated 7/6/15

Granite counter tops: Three pieces of polished granite.  A few uses could be an island top or coffee table.  Each are 54&1/2” wide x 35&1/2” deep x 1&3/4” thick. 

Cost: $250 each or $600 for all three

Foundation stone(s) #1: set of foundation stones from Killingly, CT.  Both are 6'9” long and approximately 15” to 16” tall and an irregular thickness. 

Cost:  for pair, $450

Stone step #9: measures 62” wide x 30” deep on left & 24” deep on right x ~6” thick. 

Cost:  $500

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Stone Wall End Caps #2
This matching pair of 'hip-roof' cap-stones from Stafford Springs Motor Speedway, c.1916. The tooled granite has '1916' boldly etched into one side of one stone. Stones measure 35" x 35" and approximately 12" tall to peak.

Cost: $3,000/pair

Entry Stone #7
Early set of secondary entrance stones from a northeastern CT house. The larger stone is 52" wide x 32" deep x ~6" thick. The smaller stone is 52" wide x approximately 24"+/- (21" to water channel) x ~6" deep.

Cost: $850/set

Stone Sink #4
A unique antique stone sink that measures 40" wide x 20" deep x approx. 6" thick. The sink bowl is 14" in diameter and 3" deep.

Cost: $2,800

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Entry/Threshold Stone #5
A very large (thick) entry stone step that measures 5' wide x 35" deep x an 8" face

Cost: $750

Half Mill Stone #3
Another nice stone that is not quite the total 'half' of this one. Measures 47" in width x 20" deep x 7.5" thick.

Cost: $650

Stone Bowl #1RY
Another mystery! We think this rough stone bowl might have been for crushing grain or corn. What do you think?

Dimensions: ~27" long x ~17" wide x ~8" thick. The bowl is off set and is 11" in diameter and ~ 3" deep.

Cost: $2,000

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Limestone 'keyed' pieces #1:R Y
Twelve pieces from a 'keyed' and carved limestone arch, origin unknown. They each have a taper on each side and a slight curvature of the carved face. They were 'keyed' together to form an arch over an entryway.

Dimensions: ~20" high x 13.5" on one end and 12.5" on the other. The 'top' or outward top face is ~ 12" x 13".

Cost: $3,000 for set or $300 each

Mill Stone Drums #5, 6 & 7 R Y
These 3 drums came from Manchester, CT, and are brownstone that has nicely aged. Most likely crafted from Portland brownstone.
Cost: $325 each or all 3 for $900

Marble post points (#1): SOLD (one on right)
Both are approx. 10” x 10” x 24” tall.
Cost: $250 each

Antique Carved Stone Capitals:
These matching stone capitals were salvaged from a New Haven, CT building...
Cost: $1,200 for pair

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