Salvaged Antique Doors

We carry both interior and exterior antique doors and antique cupboard doors. All are solid wood construction and have been salvaged from antique homes or barns. Many include hardware, sometimes original. If you need antique door hardware, we carry that as well.

Antique doors were usually built either by board and batten or paneled construction. We carry both styles; we also offer salvaged barn doors and other large doors when they are available. We carry a number of matched antique door sets as well.

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For Sale: Updated 10/17/16



Door #134

Victorian Pocket Door with hardware.  Measures 54 wide x 80 tall x 1&1/2 thick.

Cost: $750

Door (#120): 

Paneled door with glass upper. 28" x 78" x 1&1/2". 3.5" Victorian cast butt hinges.

Cost: $100


Barn door #3: 34&3/4” wide x 71” tall.  With battens door is 1&3/4” thick.  Has large original strap hinges. 

Cost:  $250

Barn door #2: ~42&1/2” wide x 75&1/2” tall.  With battens door is 1&3/4” thick.  Rollers are 4&1/2” proud of door top.  No rail. 

Cost: $350

Door (#28):  
Reproduction wooden exterior door (not antique)
Cost: $225








Cupboard Door #2: Small glass door with wood frame. 23" wide x 37&3/4" tall x 7/8" thick.

Cost: $75



Door Set #19:
Set of five six-panel doors. All doors have flat panels with Ovolo moldings front and back. Hardware includes 3" cast butt hinges, box locks with red swirl knobs.

Cost: $1,650


Door Set #18:
Set of five six-panel doors. All doors have flat panels with Ogee moldings front and back. From an early Durham, CT house.

Cost: $2,000


Door Set #17:
Two-door set. 30" x 83" x 1&1/4". Six flat panels with Ogee molding on front. 2&3/4" cast butts and white knobs.

Cost: $800


Door Set #16:
Two-door set. 33" x 79&3/4" x 1&1/4". Fronts have four-raised panels with Ovolo moldings. Backs are flat with Ogee moldings. 3" casts butts and white glass knobs. C.1811, Suffield, CT.

Cost: $800


Door Set #11:
Set of #2 raised panel doors, heavy paint, no hardware. Measure approx. 29&1/2” x 77” to 77&3/4”.

Cost: $200/pair


Door Set #6:

2 matching four-panel doors with molding. Measurements: 30" x 75&1/4", 29&3/4" x 76&1/4". One has Norfolk thumb latch.

Cost: $400/set


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