Architectural Antiques

Our inventory of architectural antiques includes items such as salvaged antique doors (including interior, exterior, board & batten and paneled construction), period fireplace mantels and paneling, reclaimed antique cupboards, antique columns, and a small selection of unique antique finds we have discovered in our salvaging process.





Updated 5/15/2017

Columns #12:
50% OFF!

A spectacular matching pair of 16’(+/-) ionic columns from a circa 1849 church that collapsed in early 2011.  The church was located in Dayville, CT along route 101.  The columns are complete and in very good condition.


Cost:  pair only, $7,500


Architectural Antiques: 1849 Ionic Columns

Chest #5:

This was a large grain chest later used as a wood box in my house for the past 100 years or so.  Holes have been repaired with copper and wire mesh.  It has 3 divided compartments under the lid.


Cost:  $500


Architectural Antiques: Grain Chest


Antique Columns #11:

Small set of matching, fluted columns made from solid wood. They measure 78" tall plus circular tenons on each end. The diameter at the top is ~6&1/2" and at the bottom is ~ 7&1/2".


Cost:  $250/pair


Architectural Antiques: Grain Chest


Copper and Brass Chandelier:

This eight-light, c.1895 chandelier has been newly wired. It measures ~6'6" from ceiling to bulb fixtures by 3'6" in diameter. The largest globe on the top is ~10" in diameter.


Cost:  $5,500


Architectural Antiques: c.1895 copper and brass chandelier


Antique Aetna Sign:

This original, hand-painted Aetna Insurance sign (double sided) was found in the loft of a barn in Tolland, CT. It measures 38" wide x 32" tall x 3" thick.


Cost:  $2,400


Architectural Antiques: hand-painted Aetna Insurance sign


Door Transom with Side Lights #2:

Set of matching Greek Revival door surrounds. The transom measures 63&3/4" long x 10" tall and has 11 panes. The two side lights are 55&3/4" tall x 12" wide and have 10 panes each.


Cost:  $750 for set


Architectural Antiques: Greek Revival door transom and side lights


Wooden Barred, 19th-Century Cell "Wall":

These were salvaged from a Norton, MA, mental institution that was torn down. They measure approx. 7'2" wide x 7" high, which includes approx. a 5" gap to the floor on the bottom and an 7.5" gap between sections.


Cost:  $1,200 for the set


Architectural Antiques: Wooden Barred, 19th-Century Cell "Wall"


Terracotta Tiles #1:

These tiles were salvaged from a late 1800s Taunton, MA, mental institution. They are approximately 120 years old. There are 180 tiles plus a few cracked ones.


Cost:  $3600 for all or $25 each


Architectural Antiques: Terracotta Tiles


Antique Ladder #2:

This A-frame ladder was salvaged from an old gas company factory building.  It measures 10’4” tall when closed and 10’ tall when open. The base is 35” wide at the bottom and 17” at the top.


Cost:  $650


Architectural Antiques: Wooden A-Frame Ladder


Large Antique Wooden Trough:

This trough apparently originated from the Thompson, CT area. It is made from the local wood used for barrels and bowls, I believe Tulip wood. It is very large (largest we’ve seen) and in great condition with little wear.


Cost:  $1,650


Architectural Antiques: Large Antique Wooden Trough


Cast Iron Bust Statue:

This bust of a French general has great detail and weathering and would make a wonderful garden ornament. Weighs approximately 145 lbs. The statue is 22” tall and the base is approx. 8” in diameter.


Cost:  $750


Architectural Antiques:  Cast Iron Bust Statue


Cast Iron Roman Boy Statue:

This cast iron statue of a Roman boy has nice detail and weathering. Weighs approx. 130 lbs, stands 3’ high and base is 10” in diameter +/-.


Cost:  $1,250


Architectural Antiques:  Cast Iron Bust Statue


18th-Century Paneled Room Ends: 50% OFF!

These 18th-century paneled room ends with fireplace and door were salvaged from a Thompson, CT house that was slated for demolition. These two room ends, both attached to the main fireplace, but in different rooms, came from the first floor.


Cost:  $8,250 each or $14,000 for the pair


Architectural Antiques: 18th-Century Paneled Room Ends


Antique Ladder #1:

Split pole ladder made from pine with and hand scraped oak rails. Two rails missing but can be replaced. Original paint, light blue. Great for hanging from ceiling as decoration. It measures 22” at base and tapers to the top. It is 12’2” tall.


Cost:  $350


Architectural Antiques: Split pole ladder


Turned Chestnut Columns:

Two antique chestnut turned columns

Measure approx. 6” diameter x 8’6” tall


Cost:  $850/pair


Architectural Antiques: Turned Chestnut Columns


Greek Revival Front Entrance:

North Providence RI house. c. 1810. Greek revival front entryway with 5 window transom. Door, hinges interior and exterior woodwork included. Very heavy: approx. 500 lbs. Probably original strap hinges. Latch hardware not original.


Cost:  $1,850


Architectural Antiques: c. 1810. Greek revival front entryway


Large Cast-Iron Cauldron or Kettle #5:

This very large cauldron is in great condition. It measures 40" in diameter at lip and is 42" deep. I'm guessing it weighs about 500 lbs. Fantastic planter or fire pit!


Cost:  $1,350


Architectural Antiques: Large Cast-Iron Cauldron or Kettle


Large Cast Iron Bell:

This was most likely either a large school bell or a small church bell. It measures 28" in diameter at base and approximately 18" tall.


Cost:  $2,850


Architectural Antiques: Large Cast Iron Bell


Primitive Split Rail Ladder #3:

Nice, primitive split rail ladder with Birch branch rungs.  Great for decoration on a wall or ceiling and to hang things off of.  Not for functional use!  Measures ~22” wide x 9’ tall x 3&1/2” deep.


Cost:  $350


Architectural Antiques: Primitive Split Rail Ladder


Civil War Cannonball:

Cast iron cannon ball in original condition, great patina.  It diameter is approximately 5&3/8” , circumference approximately 17&7/8”, weight is slightly more than 24 pounds.


Cost:  $350


Architectural Antiques: Civil War Cannonball


17th Century Wooden Bust:

This carved wooden bust came from England and is dated between c.1650 to c.1680.  It is a rough carving with the rasp marks very visible.   It measures 20” tall x 10” wide at shoulders x 6.5” wide at lower chest.  A unique and very old piece.


Cost:  $3,200


Architectural Antiques: 17th Century Wooden Bust


Antique Slate Black Boards:

Approximately 50 pieces all 42” tall and 3' to 6' +/- wide and 1/4” to 1/2” thick.  Most have green blackboard paint that can be removed on smooth side.  Great for restaurants, bars, delis and natural food stores or for use at home.


Cost:  $25 per linear foot, pick up only


Architectural Antiques: Antique Slate Black Boards

Antique Doors


Antique Wood Door #134:

Victorian Pocket Door with hardware.  Measures 54” wide x 80” tall x 1&1/2” thick.  Someone tried to strip one side and damaged the wood surface, but this could be sanded out.


Cost:  $750


Architectural Antiques: Victorian Pocket Door


Barn Door #2:

Measures approximately 42&1/2” wide x 75&1/2” tall.  With battens door is 1&3/4” thick.  Rollers are 4&1/2” proud of door top.  No rail.


Cost:  $350


Architectural Antiques: Wooden Barn Door


Door Set #19:

Set of five six-panel doors. One door is smaller than the rest but has the same panel system. It measures 25" x 84" x 1&1/4". The other four door measure (+/- 1/2") 32" x 83&1/2" x 1&1/4".


Cost:  set only, $1,650


Architectural Antiques: Set of five wooden six-panel doors


Door Set #18:

Set of five six-panel doors. All doors have flat panels with Ogee moldings front and back. From an early Durham, CT house.


Cost:  set only, $2,000


Architectural Antiques: Set of five wooden six-panel doors


Door Set #17:

Two-door set. 30" x 83" x 1&1/4". Six flat panels with Ogee molding on front. 2&3/4" cast butts and white knobs.


Cost:  set only, $800


Architectural Antiques: Set of two wooden six-panel doors

Antique Fireplace Mantels


Period Fireplace Mantel #27:

Salvaged from the Samuel Terry house in Bristol, CT.  Inner dimensions, 45&1/2” x 32&1/4” high.  Outer dimensions, 62” wide x 48&1/2” tall.  Shelf, 62” wide x 7” deep.


Cost:  $450


Architectural Antiques: Salvaged Period Fireplace Mantel


Period Fireplace Mantel #22:

This Colonial Revival Mantel probably dates around the 1930's.  It is in great condition and could be used with the mirrored top section or without. It appears to be white pine.


Cost:  $1,200


Architectural Antiques: Colonial Revival Fireplace Mantel


Period Fireplace Mantel #20:

Corner fireplace mantle, ~c.1870 from southwestern CT. One of a matching pair from the same house, although they are slightly differently sizes. Because these are corner mantle pieces, they have a lot of room behind them and may be suitable for gas fireplaces. Made of Chestnut or Ash.


Cost:  $500


Architectural Antiques: 1870s Corner Fireplace Mantel


Period Fireplace Mantel #19:

Corner fireplace mantle, ~c.1870 from southwestern CT. One of a matching pair from the same house (see #20). Made of Chestnut or Ash.


Cost:  $500


Architectural Antiques: 1870s Corner Fireplace Mantel


Period Fireplace Mantel #15:

Small, carved, poplar mantel. Carvings all appear to be out of solid wood, not applied. Probably only 50+/- years old. Has a small chunk missing on lower right side.


Cost:  $450


Architectural Antiques: carved, poplar Fireplace Mantel


Period Fireplace Mantel #13:

Salvaged from an early North Providence, RI house. Great looking mantel, but needs repair due to stove pipe cut out.


Cost:  $500


Architectural Antiques: Salvaged Period Fireplace Mantel

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