Flooring Batch #226:


Added August 13, 2017.

375sf of super wide, hand-planed/foot worn, 18th century wide white pine.  This floor has been stored for a client for the past 8 years, but we needed to switch to a harder floor because of their dogs.  One of the best floors I’ve had.  Widths of 15” to 22” and lengths of 14’4” to 17’5” plus a few shorts.

They were carefully removed from two second floor bedrooms from an 18th century house in Canterbury, CT that was scheduled for demolition.  The ‘shorts’ finish out one room for a coverage of approximately 10’6” wide x 17’5” long.  The second section would cover and area of approximately 13’6” wide x 14’4” long.  Paint on ends and a few side boards should be removed.  Few if any repairs needed.  Floor should be used with original surface (not sanded) and I would recommend using it ‘dry’, as is.  No finish should be used.

Cost: 375sf @ $28sf, whole batch only, $10,500

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