Chestnut Stock #9


Approximately 650sf of early 1800’s chestnut attic roof sheathing.  The pictures show both sides of the wood.  It could be used ‘as is’ for a decorative sub-floor on a second floor with the original bottom side showing (with ghosts from rafters), or it could be milled (top side with black stains) to produce a very high quality chestnut flooring that is peppered with nail holes from the roofing.  Visually de-nailed, but should be metal detected before running through milling equipment.  It could also be put down on a floor and sanded until the desired look is achieved.  Other uses would be wall covering, bar tops, table-tops and furniture.

Cost: Whole batch only as a ‘batch’ price, square footage is a conservative estimate an yield should be expected to be lower. I culled material and removed junk.  Some boards have bark edge ‘wane’ on one side. Cost for batch $5,500

Click for larger image. Added August 14, 2017.

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