Chestnut Stock #15

Added August 14, 2017.

25 boards (160sf) plus 22 boards (165sf) of clear, high grade chestnut.  Total of 325sf.  The 25 boards measure approximately 9″ wide x 8′-8″ long x 7/8″ thick.  The 22 boards are 13″ wide x 9′ and made with a wide board (9″ to 13″) with a narrow board nailed to it.  The square footage is measure without the added strip. They have a light coat of shellac on one side.  Could be used for flooring, wall boards or furniture.   Salvaged from early 20th century church pews.  One board shows a small section that was hand-planed to reveal the natural wood.

Cost: $25sf, whole batch only, $8,125

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